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News Flash:  Leaked DNC emails show Wasserman stacked the
deck against Sanders. Democratic lead
ers spin leaks as by Russian
hackers who want to help Trump get elected. How dumb do they
think Americans are?
Mean while Hillary Clinton asks Wasserman
to be her honorary Chair of her 50 state election committee. The
corrupt rewards the corrupt. And Bernie? He just grins and bears it.

Before you vote for Hillary Clinton, forget politics and consider
what the FBI found, consider her qualifications. Remember, not
being prosecuted for a crime does not mean you didn't do it. It
you got away with it.

The FBI found that she:

Didn't turn over all work related emails despite stating she did.

Did send and store classified documents, some clearly marked as
such, from and on an unsecured email server.

Did turn over classified documents to persons without clearance,
her lawyers.

Was extremely careless (negligent) in  handling classified

Used more than a single mobile device to send and receive emails,
in contrast to her public and sworn statements.

Many of these FACTs contradict her sworn testimony to congress
and  public statements. She bold face lied to congress and to all
Americans. How can you accept someone of such poor moral
standards and total disregard for the law as a candidate for
President of the United States.  How can you believe she stands for
anything you believe in? Don't listen to her campaign speeches,
look at her record. Just what has she accomplished as a Senator, as
secretary of State? Surely the first women to potentially be elected
President of the United States should have better qualifications
than, "I got aways with it".  How can you accept the status quo that
laws that apply to you don't apply to Hillary Clinton? Want more
evidence? Watch this
Youtube video.

No, I'm no Donald Trump Republican. I'm and Independent and
disgusted with a political system that allows this to happen. As
Americans we all deserve better and need to work together. By all
means, get out and vote in November, but please, not for Hillary