The Bodzio Ultimate Equalizer
Version 3.0

The Bodzio Software Ultimate Equalizer V3.0  (UE3) is a software tool for rapid and accurate development of PC based DSP
crossovers which are then emulated, or played, using your PC sound card. FIR filtering and partitioned convolution is
implemented which allows both amplitude correction and, on option, phase linearization across the audio spectrum with
latency as low as 75 msec*.

The UE3 uses a CAD based crossover layout allowing extremely general crossover schematic topology.

The  UE3 can accept up to 6 analog inputs and generate 8 filtered analog outputs with a single Delta 1010LT sound card. With
dual Delta 1010LT sound card the number of output channels can be increased to 16.

Input and output channels can be assigned arbitrarily allowing multi-speaker setups with combinations of 1, 2, 3 and 4 (or
more) way speakers. The limitation are based only on the number of output channels available (8 to 16 depending on sound
card hardware).

Individual driver measurements can be used for each speaker.

Phase linearization of the speaker can be performed, on option.

The UE3 includes  low frequency Room Equalization capability.

The software includes an MSL measurement tool and a baffle simulation tool which the allows the user to make the necessary
frequency response measurement of the drivers and speakers to be used. The software also allows SPL data to be imported
from other measurement system.

*Latency is dependent on operating mode and PC hardware.

Audio Processing:

24 bit,  44.1/48K

Minimum System Requirements for single sound card setup:

W7 PC with 2.5 GHz processor or greater.

Delta 1010LT sound card. This sound cards can be purchased over the Internet from a variety of sources.

Further Information:

For further information please address you question to Music and Design or Bodzio Software.


The Ultimate Equalizer can be purchased directly from Bodzio Software for $150.00 including shipping and handling.

The complete user's manual which includes a complete discussion of a sample design can be download in pdf format. (4 Meg)

A discussion of the
UE Technology with application to a 5.1 Home Theater system is also available for download in pdf format (1 Meg)
Screen Shots:
The screen shot below provides an indication of how easy it is to design crossover filters using the Ultimate Equalizer
for an active 2-way speaker. Once the SPL data for the drivers is loaded the user defines the acoustic target for each
driver by specifying the high pass and low pass filter types, order and corner frequency. Any delay needed to
compensate for driver off set can be added and the gain adjusted. Then the user enters the frequency limits over which
the driver's raw SPL response is to be corrected to match the acoustic target. Clicking
Show Filter then plots the result.
In the screen shot below the green traces are those of the drivers' raw SPL data, the violet traces are corrected driver
SPL, and the blue traces are those of the dsp filters required to make the corrections. After completing the filter design
for all drivers, clicking
Show Complete System readies the system for play. With the connections made between the
sound card, audio input device and power amplifiers, clicking Start initiates play back.

The full design details corresponding to the screen shot below, along with system measurements are included in the
manual which can be downloaded above.
The power of the Bodzio Ultimate Equalizer is further illustrated below. The axial response of a 5" woofer, typical of that used in a
small 2-way speaker or as the midrange in a 3-way system is shown at the top. Below to the left is the response that might be
obtained using a simply passive crossover and below that the burst response of the filtered driver. Below and to the right is the
result when using the Bodzio Ultimate Equalizer to bring the driver's response into agreement with the targeted 4th order, 2k Hz
low pass acoustic response. These are actual acoustic measurements taken on the driver axis.
Unfiltered axial  SPL response of a 5" woofer.
Low pass filtered response typical of a simple passive crossover.
Low pass filtered response when using the Ultimate Equalizer dsp active filter.
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